Sunday, December 14, 2008

St. George Pirate Island

We are so excited that pirate island St. George is open and 
doing amazing!!  Kids and adults alike love it.  We can't wait 
to bring this excitement to Orem!

This is the entrance to the arcade.   It's really cool 
when the overhead lights are off.  The eyes seem to glow! 
The same guy is coming to recreate this and everything else
in ours.  We are so excited.
The view from the top of the pirate ship.
I love the palm trees. 
The gift shop!
There is a ton of awesome loot in there!

The pirate ship!

The bayou!! 
This place is so awesome.  Keep in mind that the lights are
very dim, so you can see all of the fireflies and feel the ambiance.

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