Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interior Progress

Framing for booth in village & steel framing for palm tree.

The skull has begun!!!

Skull Mtn. tunnel into the arcade.  
The "out"-House on the back of the bayou stage.
Kitchen roof support beams. 


The building in a bubble .

South West corner getting ready to build the TOWER!!!!

Framing for new windows on front of building.

New concrete sidewalk on South West corner.

New stone on flower planters.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More interior work

Wrapping the fountain in preparation for concrete. 

Stained glass window in church.
Church door & stained glass windows.
Church front almost finished!

Tin roof above village.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finishing touches & Exterior

New rock on exterior of building.

Finishing touches in village area, Brick upper deck siding & doors & railing.

More brick & upper deck of village area.

Duplicate, SORRY!!!
Prepping  waterfall for concrete in entry way. 

Interior & exterior

Crane removing roof top units. 

Demolition of flower boxes in plaza.

Framing of waterfall in entryway.

Hallway / mine-shaft to restrooms.

Finishing touches on Tortuga pirate village.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Church & rock prep

Mermaid cove with brick texture.
Hand carved sign over spanish mission door.
Mission front complete except for door, 
bell & stained glass windows.
Rock framing for wishing well & waterfall in front entry.
Mine shaft entrance / hallway to rest rooms. 

Interior build out!!!!!

This is the Front entry, where the waterfall will be. 
The hallway to the left of the pillar is the entrance to the arcade
 through the mouth of the SKULL!!!!!!!
This will be mermaid  cove banquet room.
The spanish mission is taking shape,
Girls rest room.
Stained & polished floor in front of the bayou stage. Notice the blue color around the stage.