Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our mother store- Pirate Island St. George!

The bayou!
People love to hang out in this section of the restaurant.
It's hard to get a feel for how neat this place really is
when the lighting is all turned on.  They have a rain storm
move throughout the restaurant with sounds and flickering 
lighting that goes on every half an hour.
The prize and redemption center is a hundred percent
pirate related.  The pirate theme is so popular and loved 
by children of all ages!
The fort!!  It's too bad you can't see the artwork in here, 
because it is all old world pirate scenes. 
They are all so very different,and unique.  
I love the dressed up pirates that are placed 
throughout the restaurant.
I love the stalactites in the entrance.  We will have this  
on a much grander scale.  The talking pirate and parrot
carry on a funny conversation to each other.   
This is one of the favorite places to sit as well.  It feels 
as if you are really sitting in a hut on a beach 
looking at the approaching pirate ship coming in to dock.

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