Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wall murals & Iron works

The bronze bell in the church.

Check out the stained glass windows in the 
captains quarters. Also the center & front mast.

The Iron anchor all rusted out. 

Entry way wall mural.

The ladies of the see.


Frankii Irene said...

Hello! I am so very excited for Pirate Island Pizza to open up at the old movie theater!

I have a question though:

1. when are you taking applications?
2. how old do you have to be to work at Pirate Island?
3. when do you think the whole place will be finished?

Please email me at as soon as possible, because I know 4 people, including myself, who want to work here!

thanks so much!
Frances Helsten
Timpanogos High School Sophmore

Brooke said...

Looking very cool, can't wait for it to open. :)

Mr. Green said...

I can't wait!! The store is looking GREAT F-Dude! I can't believe how imaginative you and your wife are at coming up with ideas and decorations for the store. Keep up the GREAT work.

Cliff Johnson said...

Do you guys have a planned opening date yet? After eating at your St. George location I'm really excited to come check out a location closer to home!

Anne said...

It looks so cool, my kids can't wait. When will you be opening?

Brandy said...

When are you going to be open?? I'd love to have my daughter's bday party there the end of this month:)

Joe said...

What? No updates? I at least expected tos ee something about the float in the Summerfest parade...It looked great! My kids can't wait for this place to open! They want to come dressed like pirates :)

Greeneyebrina said...

When are you going to open??

Usually Happy said...

I've been anxious to take my family here. I just looked it up and found this blog. Do you know when Pirate Island Pizza in Orem is opening?

Elisa Stoneman said...

This looks awesome! When do you open?

Tiffany Williams said...

When will it open?

Tara said...

What is your projected opening date? Every time I drive past my kids shout, "Pirate Island! Is it open yet?"